There must be at least Eight (8) competitors in the following categories for a WNBF Pro Card to be awarded (No Exceptions)
• Bikini
• Figure
• Men’s Bodybuilding
• Men’s Physique

There must be at least Five (5) competitors in the following classes for a WNBF Pro Card to be awarded (No Exceptions)
• Women’s Fit Body
• Women’s Bodybuilding
• Masters (All categories)

Pro Card winners Must submit a urine specimen the day/evening of the competition! If you do not submit a urine specimen you will face disqualification.

Pro’s from other organizations – am I eligible for the WNBF?
We accept all-pro card winners from INBF and all WNBF International affiliates.  We can accept IFPA pros who qualified in 2016 and earlier due to drug testing consistencies. Please contact us for eligibility questions.

Can I qualify to the WNBF through the OCB?
The OCB by their own choice is no longer a WNBF affiliate as of December 2016.  OCB shows from 2017 on will not qualify you to compete as a Pro in the WNBF.