Description Fee Deadline Early Bird Registration Initial class of competition $100 04/01/19 Regular Registration  Initial class of competition $125  04/02/19 - 06/15/19 Late Registration Promoters reserve the right to decline late entries $150  06/16/19 - 06/24/19 Cross Over Each additional class entered $50 06/24/19 Polygraph Testing Cash at testing appointment $60 06/28/19 INBF Amateur Membership … Continue reading DATES, DEADLINES & FEES


What divisons are offered? Men and Women’s Bodybuilding, Figure, Fit Body, Men’s Physique, Bikini. Each division has specific criteria; knowing specifically what the judges are looking for will help competitors avoid penalties, particularly if they are competing in more than one division or are moving from one division to another. Each bodybuilding contestant is judged … Continue reading DIVISIONS & CLASSES