Here is a competitor checklist that will help you to make sure that you have everything covered for The Hollywood Supernatural Championships 2019!


❏ Register for the show in advance. The sooner the better! Why? The first registered athletes get priority for the polygraph test. Click here to register.

❏ Purchase your INBF membership card on the WNBF website.

❏ Make travel reservations. See our Direction’s page for more details on how to get there.

❏ Reserve your hotel room. The booking’s deadline is June 7th, 2019. After June 7th, rooms will be released from the group block and become subject to availability.
Call the hotel at (323) 463-5671 and ask for the “Hollywood SuperNatural Championships” group rate.

❏ Make your Tanning and Makeup appointments. Check our Service’s page for more details.

❏ Don’t forget to purchase your Photography package. Check our Service’s page for more details. Remember, no professional photography, tripods, or cameras with a detachable lens is allowed in the venue.


❏ Order your suit. You will need to order your posing suit about 8 weeks prior to the show.


Pack your bag:
Start ahead of time. The last week of your prep, you’ll most likely be too tired to go out shopping and gather any missing items. Here’s what you’ll need to bring:

    ❏ ID or driver’s license for proof of identity.
    ❏ Your INBF card.
    ❏ Money for polygraph testing and emergencies.
    ❏ Extra sheets for your hotel room and car.
    ❏ Your posing suit; and a spare suit if you have one. Put it in a ziplock freezer bag so it won’t get damaged during travel.
    ❏ Yoga mat and a towel to lay on between stage time, you will need to stay off your feet and relax, it may feel like a very long day.
    ❏ Bikini Bite® to glue your suit on.
    ❏ Hand Wipes
    ❏ Water and food (follow your coach’s advice).
    ❏ Dark loose clothes (or a silk robe for ladies).
    ❏ Flip flops to walk around backstage so your feet do not get dirty.
    ❏ Resistance Band
    ❏ Phone Charger
    ❏ Earphones

Females Competitors Extras:

    ❏ 2 pair of posing heels (better safe than sorry!).
    ❏ Makeup kit (If you’re not getting your makeup professionally done).
    ❏ Hand Held Mirror
    ❏ Curling or flat iron, hairspray, etc.
    ❏ Safety pins and sewing kit for emergencies.
    ❏ Jewelry.

❏ If applicable, you will need to send your music (mp4 format) for your evening routing by email at


❏ Attend the early check-in if at all possible and receive your competitor number. Your registration will be confirmed, then you will be officially entered into the appropriate division and class.


❏ Attend the Competitor meeting at 9 A.M. on Saturday 06/20 at the Venue, where the Contest rules and the final order of event will be discussed.

❏ If you win your class, you will go back on stage after all classes have been presented their awards and compete against the other class winners in the Overall.

❏ If you win the Overall, you will be granted a pro card. Immediately after exiting the stage you will be asked to submit a urine sample. Please carefully follow the nurse instructions.

Good luck to all!