About our EVENT

The Hollywood Supernatural Championships is an all amateur Bodybuilding Competition. The event is sanctioned by the INBF/WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation).


How do I register for an event?

  1. Complete the online registration form and pay the entry fees.
  2. Register for your INBF Membership Card: click here to get your INBF Membership Card.
  3. If applicable: reserve your hotel and book your tan, makeup and photo services.
  4. Two weeks prior the show the promoters will contact you to schedule you for your polygraph.


To compete in an INBF event, an athlete must have a current INBF membership.  Memberships are active for 11 months (expiration is the end of the month prior to competition month the next year).  For example, if you compete on 7/16/19, your membership will expire 6/30/20.  You may compete in any INBF event during this time frame.  All affiliate membership cards are accepted by the INBF competitions in the U.S.

International Athletes
Athletes from other countries are welcome to compete with the INBF as long as there is not a WNBF affiliated federation in their country.  Please submit an Email inquiry if you would like to compete with us.

CATEGORIES & Divisions

What divisons are offered?
• Men and Women’s Bodybuilding
• Figure
• Fit Body
• Men’s Physique
• Bikini

What are the different Categories?

Each division has 3 Categories: Novice, Open and Master.
Athletes may enter Open OR Novice, NOT BOTH. Crossovers may occur between an age division and Open or Novice, or between categories such as Figure & Fit Body, or Men’s Physique and Bodybuilding.

What is the definition of Novice?
Novice competitors are either first-time competitors, someone who has competed and has not placed or has not placed top three in an Open class.  If you win a Novice class, you are then required to compete in an Open division.

What is the definition of Master?

Competitor 40 and over can enter Master classes.

What is the definition of Teen?
Must be between the ages of 15 and 19.

Is there any age limit to enter this event?

The Hollywood SuperNatural Championships is open to all amateur athletes from 15 to 70 year old and above.


For INBF Pro Qualifying events, athletes may enter Open OR Novice, NOT BOTH. Crossovers may occur between an age division and Open or Novice, or between categories such as Figure & Fit Body, or Men’s Physique and Bodybuilding.

Why do you not allow novice to open crossovers?
The INBF does not allow this because the divisions are a totally different mind-set.  Novice athletes should have a goal to gain competition experience and do the best they can.  By not allowing Open competitors to cross back into Novice, this gives people the best chance to compete with other beginners.  It makes for a fair playing field for real Novice competitors.  Open class competitors should have competed before, and are working towards winning Pro status.

How are split classes decided?
Open bodybuilding classes will be filled based on weight. Novices and Masters will be split based on entries and determined on the day of the show. Open Figure, Open Bikini, and Fit Body classes will be filled based on exact height.


Each division has specific criteria; knowing specifically what the judges are looking for will help competitors avoid penalties, particularly if they are competing in more than one division or are moving from one division to another.

Each bodybuilding contestant is judged on appearance and stage presence. Judging will be conducted in group comparisons and individually.

Click here to learn more about each division.



What “drug free means?

All competitors must be ten (10) years drug-free of prescription/pharmaceutical hormones on the banned substance list and two years free of over-the-counter hormones, pro-hormones or banned substances listed or their chemical counterparts, unless otherwise noted, prior to their first competition. Please read all supplement ingredients carefully, all athletes are responsible for being vigilant regarding their supplement usage! Refer to the INBF/WNBF Banned substances list or contact promoters with any questions.

Am I required to take the polygraph?
The polygraph testing is mandatory; all tests are by appointment and are set in order of entry receipt.
Entrants will receive a notification by email regarding their polygraph appointments 2 weeks prior the show. This test is good for 6 weeks for amateurs and 2 weeks for pros.  If you are entering another INBF or WNBF event please let the show promoter know you have been tested and they will confirm this with a WNBF official.

Can I use another organizations polygraph test?
No, we require all competitors to test directly with us.  Our banned substance list is more stringent than other organizations, and we have very high standards for our licensed professionals.

How can I schedule my polygraph test?
The polygraph testing is mandatory and by appointment only. Contestants will be contacted by email 2 weeks prior to competition in the order of entries received.
All testing are done at the Host Hotel the Thursday and Friday before the show.
The cost for the polygraph examination is to be paid cash at the time of your appointment.

How long does the polygraph take?
The polygraph examination itself is not a long process, usually completed on Thursday & Friday prior to a Saturday competition.  The pre-screening, completing the athlete questionnaire, and multiple pre-interviews do take significantly more time.  All of this information is necessary for us to gather in order to make our polygraph process more valid.  You should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to fill out paperwork.  Some testers will require you to submit paperwork in advance.  A valid ID, drivers license, or passport also needs to be provided to the polygraph examiner.

Am I required to submit a urine test?
Open and overall winners will be urine tested. Promoters have the discretion to ask any competitor to submit a specimen for urine testing..

Banned Substances/Prescribed Medications?
Please read the banned substance list thoroughly prior to submitting a supplement or prescription medication question.


There must be at least Eight (8) competitors in the following categories for a WNBF Pro Card to be awarded (No Exceptions)
• Bikini
• Figure
• Men’s Bodybuilding
• Men’s Physique

There must be at least Five (5) competitors in the following classes for a WNBF Pro Card to be awarded (No Exceptions)
• Women’s Fit Body
• Women’s Bodybuilding
• Masters (All categories)

**Pro Card winners Must submit a urine specimen the day/evening of the competition!

**WNBF Professionals who place in and do not submit a urine specimen will face disqualification and/or suspension.

Pro’s from other organizations – am I eligible for the WNBF?
We accept all-pro card winners from INBF and all WNBF International affiliates.  We can accept IFPA pros who qualified in 2016 and earlier due to drug testing consistencies. Please contact us for eligibility questions.

Can I qualify to the WNBF through the OCB?
The OCB by their own choice is no longer a WNBF affiliate as of December 2016.  OCB shows from 2017 on will not qualify you to compete as a Pro in the WNBF.


Prizes: Top five in each division. WNBF pro card: Overall winner in each division.

For additional questions please email us at: info@HollywoodSupernatural.com